Phra Maha That Chedi Phra Phutthathammaprakat

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Phra That Chedi, the largest pagoda in southern Thailand. Constructed in the Si Wichai style, the Phra Maha That Chedi Phra Phutthathammaprakat is a golden monument measuring an impressive 39 meters in width and 39.9 meters in height, equivalent to that of a towering 13-story building. This majestic pagoda is home to sacred Buddha relics and is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment.

History has it that the Phra Maha That Chedi Phra Phutthathammaprakat was erected in honor of Princess Srinagarindrahad’s 60th Birthday Anniversary, owing to the visionary efforts of the former President of the Supreme Court, Mr. Sawat Chotipanich. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Princess Srinagarindrahad herself on March 28, 1969, though construction did not commence until later. M.L. Mitrarun Kasemsi, a renowned palace architect and National Artist in the Thai architecture branch, spearheaded the project, utilizing the applied Si Wichai style. The pagoda is comprised of four central stupas encircled by satellite pagodas, with smaller pagodas similar in size to the satellites situated within the main structure, containing sacred Buddha relics. During the construction, Her Majesty the Queen generously donated 200,000 baht towards the pagoda’s construction, which was eventually christened the Phra Maha That Chedi Phra Phutthathammaprakat, becoming a symbol of religious devotion for the southern Thai community. The pagoda also offers a panoramic view of the temple and the Betong cityscape from its apex.

This structure is situated atop a hill at the heart of Betong, specifically on the premises of Wat Phutthathiwat on Thanon Rattanakit. Constructed in the modern Sivijaya style and adorned in a gilded exterior, this edifice stands at a towering height of 39.9 meters, serving as a testament to the 69th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. From the pinnacle, one can marvel at the entire temple grounds and a portion of Betong’s bustling cityscape.