The Largest Mail Box in Thailand

Did you know that the largest mailbox in Thailand can be found in the southern part of the country? In just an hour’s drive from Pengkalan Hulu Immigration in Perak, you can reach Betong, one of the most well-known border towns in Thailand. Once you arrive at the main roundabout in Betong, you will immediately spot the Betong Clock Tower, next to which stands the Largest Mailbox in Thailand. This mailbox was previously located at the intersection of the bell tower in Betong.

Constructed in 1924, the communication post for Betong’s locals featured a radio atop the box and a mail slot below. Prior to World War II, this served as a primary means of communication. However, a new and larger mailbox now stands at Sala Prachakhom, measuring nine meters in height.

If you’re curious about why this mail box is considered the largest, the answer becomes apparent when viewed from a certain angle – it’s simply enormous! As a result, the new mail box has become a popular attraction for tourists who visit to snap photos and take selfies or group photos.